Green Building

Certain Green Building Practices are built into our cabinetry.  For example our finishes on all our cabinetry are low VOC, water-based finishes and we use CARB II Plywood for all our box material.  We also recycle our shop shavings in a multitude of ways: horse owners put the shavings in their horses stalls, dahlia growers store tubers in the shavings through the winter, gardeners cover paths with the shavings for mulch, and campfire enthusiasts find the shavings make quick work of starting a fire and getting onto their s'mores.

Dodges Classic Carpentry Co. sees green building as an inspiring and creative movement within building industry towards greater sustainability in building practices, resource management, and material usage. We are committed to providing our clients with the choices, practices, and products that suit their needs, desires, lifestyles, and budgets.


We see that just as building practices and possibilities are ever shifting and subjective, so too are "Green" Building definitions, practices, and possibilities.

Many green building practices vary by their emphasis on what is the most important building consideration:

And on and on.

We recognize green building practices as a choice and upon a clients request will incorporate  such practices and materials into any given project.

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